About us

We’re a small group of enthusiastic and mostly retired U3A members from widely differing backgrounds who share a love of writing and have joined together to progress our creative skills. We live in and around a small town in the Yorkshire Dales where we hold our meetings. Each week we agree a subject for our writing, which we read out to the group at the next meeting.

We have a recommended length of 500 words for the pieces we write but the average inevitably seems to work out longer as some members have styles that don’t fit easily into this target. Occasionally we try to restrict ourselves to 100 words (a drabble). Some of the members are working on longer writing projects (novels, autobiographies and travel recollections) and from time to time they share progress on these with the rest of the group.

In setting out on this blog we hope to make contact with writing enthusiasts from around the globe, especially U3A members, share thoughts and views and thus improve our writing.

We’d love to receive your comments